King's 8th Light Coy.

The Light Company of the King's 8th Regiment of Foot has been established as a means through which members of the living history community can develop and share their knowledge, skills and research in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Reenactors, those taking part in this hobby, are welcome to participate and learn what they can from those around them, while contributing for the betterment of all.

Those new to the hobby who are interested in portraying a more progressive side of the Revolutionary War era, will be warmly welcomed and provided with the necessary guidance and resources to participate as full, knowledgeable members of the Light Coy.

Representing the Light Company of the 8th, this group will participate in a variety of events across North America and beyond, though emphasis will be placed on the Great Lakes expeditions and events, covering the historical actions of the Light Coy. and the 8th, at large. 

Hardtack, Not Just For Driving Nails

Hardtack, a food and military ration that has been in use for centuries. Prior the development of canned foods, Hardtack, being an extremely dry biscuit, along with dried and salted meats served as the main source of food for soldiers in armies across the world.

To make your own hardtack, mix two pounds of whole wheat flour, with sufficient water as to allow the dough to be rolled (consistency of clay), with two tablespoons of salt. Roll out the dough till it is a quarter inch thick and cut into squares, as well as pierce with a form. Set the oven to 300°F and bake for three hours.

For accuracy sake, we recommend that the biscuits actually be cut round, like a cookie, as compared to the square ones here, though we were missing our cutter. 

These biscuits are period correct for the 18th century and may be eaten whole, if your teeth are strong enough, or broken up to create a thicker stew or soup, when added to such. If you prefer to eat them, as is, we recommend less time. When fully cooked, they can last for months (or even decades, if stored appropriately). #livinghistory #americanrevolution#experimentalarchaeology #georgian #reenacting#reenactment #baking #food #foodporn #cooking#georgiankitchen #rations #18thcentury #18thc#whydoweeatthis

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