King's 8th Light Coy.

The Light Company of the King's 8th Regiment of Foot has been established as a means through which members of the living history community can develop and share their knowledge, skills and research in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Reenactors, those taking part in this hobby, are welcome to participate and learn what they can from those around them, while contributing for the betterment of all.

Those new to the hobby who are interested in portraying a more progressive side of the Revolutionary War era, will be warmly welcomed and provided with the necessary guidance and resources to participate as full, knowledgeable members of the Light Coy.

Representing the Light Company of the 8th, this group will participate in a variety of events across North America and beyond, though emphasis will be placed on the Great Lakes expeditions and events, covering the historical actions of the Light Coy. and the 8th, at large. 

We're Famous!

Our friends Karamvir Banga and Richard Szabo put together this short as a means to show the public what we do, why we do it and the dedication that we put in to educate the public. Also, how some things never change and through research and experimentation, we can see just how much some things remain the same.

Karamvir and Richard, will be expanding this work, covering the group and the era, at large, showing the lives of living historians (not just myself) and how we aim to educate the public, while keeping the highest of standards. This is an entirely new project that was inspired by the original project for Sheridan College.

Within this first short, we are using a mixture of uniforms and kit, as we attended a drill that I arranged, thanks to the wonderful cooperation of Fort York. The intention of the drill was to show the public a variety of units that fought within and around both Ontario and specifically Fort York, along with sharing some unique things, such as sword drill.

This short is a not for profit piece, for an educational project and general public education and awareness.

We think that Karamvir and his team did an incredible job!

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