King's 8th Light Coy.

The Light Company of the King's 8th Regiment of Foot has been established as a means through which members of the living history community can develop and share their knowledge, skills and research in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Reenactors, those taking part in this hobby, are welcome to participate and learn what they can from those around them, while contributing for the betterment of all.

Those new to the hobby who are interested in portraying a more progressive side of the Revolutionary War era, will be warmly welcomed and provided with the necessary guidance and resources to participate as full, knowledgeable members of the Light Coy.

Representing the Light Company of the 8th, this group will participate in a variety of events across North America and beyond, though emphasis will be placed on the Great Lakes expeditions and events, covering the historical actions of the Light Coy. and the 8th, at large. 

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Styles and Methods for Preparing British Military Hair in the Revolution

Today we will be continuing our blog series about hair (and makeup) from the 18th Century and will be going into the hairstyles worn by the British military and its allies. The styles of hair that we see frequently are: a braid, which can be left plain or is sometimes tucked under and fastened with a ribbon, clubbed and a long ponytail that is wrapped with ribbon.  Alternately, a braid may be turned upwards and secured on the upper portion of the head, or on headwear, as seen on several varieties of soldiers.

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