King's 8th Light Coy.

The Light Company of the King's 8th Regiment of Foot has been established as a means through which members of the living history community can develop and share their knowledge, skills and research in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Reenactors, those taking part in this hobby, are welcome to participate and learn what they can from those around them, while contributing for the betterment of all.

Those new to the hobby who are interested in portraying a more progressive side of the Revolutionary War era, will be warmly welcomed and provided with the necessary guidance and resources to participate as full, knowledgeable members of the Light Coy.

Representing the Light Company of the 8th, this group will participate in a variety of events across North America and beyond, though emphasis will be placed on the Great Lakes expeditions and events, covering the historical actions of the Light Coy. and the 8th, at large. 




The Light Company of the 8th (the King’s) Regiment of Foot, is calling upon all loyal subjects of His Most Britannic Majesty, King George III, to take the King’s shilling for service within the rebellious colonies, securing liberty, security and responsible government for all of His Majesty’s subjects. Though the majority of those in service have already arrived, by the year 1768, new recruits are required for losses are great and duties, arduous.

The Light Company of the 8th is always willing to work with new recruits who are interested in participating in a progressive representation of a British light company unit in the era of the American Revolution. Whether a prospective recruit has no experience, or has participated in other units, or eras, the Light Coy. is always willing to work with prospective members to ensure that they are aware of what will be required of them, the opportunities ahead of them, the clothing and equipment that will be required, as well as to provide the necessary drill and instruction to permit interested parties to participate as educated and effective members of the unit.

The Light Coy is open to both men and women interested in a period portrayal. Our camp followers consist of women and children who portray the lives and experiences of those who followed and worked with, the British Army. These women and children would sew, launder, cook for a sum (men would cook for themselves, or purchase food) and perform numerous other services for the Army. These women were not prostitutes, a common myth, rather, they would be women of strong character who would be required to have a familial attachment to a man in the Army, should they wish to follow it. Our camp followers are proud of their portrayal and work hard to honour the memory of the women and children who served in their own capacity.

Further, our camp followers and many of the men, take pride in demonstrating their knowledge of period material culture, such as clothing, hair, makeup and other such areas that are often neglected. Whether it be public seminars and workshops, or depictions of their personas at events, there is always something to learn and participate in.

Potential recruits are asked to make no purchases until they have spoken to the Headmistress of the Company, or its Captain, to ensure that all items are appropriate for the unit, well documented and comply with the standards put forward. Clothing must be hand sewn, with documented period materials and methods, as well as appropriate equipment and tentage for the area and location.

Events consist of historical reenactments, social gatherings such as dinners and balls, period treks (long hikes in full equipment with period rations) and outings to historical sites, shooting ranges and all further activities that may arise, across North America and beyond. Currently, the unit is focused on the Great Lakes region, with members from Ontario, Quebec, New York State and Vermont. Events will take you across the continent and in the near future, Europe.

Take up the King's shilling, hear the call of the recruiter and join His Majesty's Light Coy!

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